About Us

Introduction to Swift Gurkha

Swift Gurkha International Pvt. Ltd. Being the leading and professionally managed human resources company in Nepal is registered with the Government of Nepal. Licenses No. 559/062/063 under the Ministry of Labor and Transport Management (MoLTM). Its companay Register No. is 35850/062/063 under the Ministry of the Industry, Commerce and Supplies.

Swift Gurkha International Pvt.Ltd. is established under the company’s act (1985) is a recruiting agency supplying Nepalese workforce to several part of globe. As a recruiting agent Swift Gurkha is committed to the highest standards of services from multinational corporations to small companies, our expertise, knowledge and professionalism can be benefit by successfully bringing together the employers and employees from the range of industry sectors, skills set of any levels. In today’s fast changing world, the sustained growth and success of a company depends on the quality of its human resources. Recruitment becomes one of the most critical decisions a company has to make, keeping this crucial aspect in the mind, we at Swift Gurkha lay great emphasis on the quality, attitude and skills of the candidates. We invite clients around the world and interested candidates to work together with us to achieve our goals.

Propose Vision and Goal
Our ambition vision is for Swift Gurkha to be clearly the best manpower and Human Resources Company in the business and we need very best talent in our candidates to help us for achieving it. We are committed to beat the challenges ,exceeding to play a key role in society. We believe our business will grow in developing partenerships and providing a consistent portfolio of distinctive, high value solutions and high value services, thus meeting our customer’s criteria.